Welcome to SOSPOSA

Welcome to the new updated website of the Society of Sedation Practitioners of South Africa.

Since its inception in 2002, SOSPOSA has proven to be the haven of all sedation practitioners in South Africa, ie Medical Practitioners (MP) as well as Dental Practitioners (DP), on the General Practitioner level as well as the Specialist/Consultant level.

Since the 1990’s, Professor James Roelofse, the doyen of sedation in SA, realised from his connection at University College London, where he is a visiting professor in sedation and the head of sedation training, that both medical and dental practitioners are administering sedation. And neither of these groups had been trained to do so. This then became known to be an international trend, and further to that Prof Roelofse was adamant to institute sedation training in SA.

The first diploma course in sedation training in the world for medical and dental practitioners was subsequently introduced at the dental school of the University of Stellenbosch and later, to date, the University of the Western Cape in Cape Town under the leadership of Prof Roelofse. In training medical practitioners in more advanced sedation techniques, and dental practitioners in oral and inhalation sedation, the scene was set for the birth of SOSPOSA.

SOSPOSA prides itself in the fact that it stands foremost for sedation training. The Royal College of Anesthetists have recently published that ALL practitioners attempting procedural sedation, GP Sedationists as well as Specialist/Consultant Sedationists, should be trained by an accredited training facility. SOSPOSA fully endorses that and in the index you will find links to dedicated sedation training facilities.

As you will notice, the site comprises of two parts, a part for the general population where sedation information can be found as well as FAQ’s, and another part for the professionals providing the sedation service. Access to the latter part will soon require a log-in and password; the latter of which you will be provided on settling your annual subscription fees.

I trust you will find the website informative and helpfull.

Please be in touch if you have any suggestions or advice!

Dr Reinhardt de Wet