Appraisal of sedation practitioners

Fast facts about appraisal and accreditation:

The current situation in South Africa has it that every medical practitioner(MP) in SA regards him/herself as a MP with the required knowlegde and skill required to perform safe sedation. And that is not the case indeed. As sedation is an aquired skill, teaching and training is imperative. And the whole purpose of the APPRAISAL of MP's is to provide MP's who have obtained the required skill and expertise, a form of recognition. As some medical funders (MF) reimburse surgeons to keep procedures out of the hospital theatre, every single surgery has all of a sudden become a sedation venue. Which of course then brings us to the ACCREDITATION of sedation venues. This situation, as far as the maintenance of clinical standards as well as patient safety, is untenable. In short, SOSPOSA/SASA, have to know that skilled MP's conduct sedation to an accepted safety standard, with maintenance of the required ssafety standards, in a safe and adequately equipped sedation venue. The appraisal of sedation practitioners, as well as the accreditation of sedation facilities/rooms/practices, is not a new concept – the 2020 Adult and 2016 Paediatric SASA
Sedation Guidelines stated that this process is imminent and should now be introduced.

The process consists of two separate sections:

1. APPRAISAL of sedation practitioners:

Please note: This is a voluntary process. SOSPOSA does not enforce the appraisal of Sedation Practitioners, but supports the idea of Appraisal.

  • The appraisal of sedation practitioners will be overseen by SOSPOSA and will follow a two year cycle. The documents are available on the website. Sedation practitioners who meet the requirements of safe sedation will receive a certificate of appraisal from SOSPOSA. The Appraised Sedation Practitioner then may screen the practice according to the list of requirements as set out in the 2020 Sedation Guidelines for Adults. Shortcomings should be corrected and equipment obtatined, then the Appraised Sedation Practitioner applies for the Accreditation of the venue. As far as equipment is concerned, the full spectrum of equipment as required per the guidelines, should be available between the equipment in the surgery and the equipment the sedation practitioner provides. The Accreditation of the venue thus balances on the declaration by the Appraised sedation practitioner.

2. ACCREDITATION of facilities/Rooms/practices where sedation services are provided:

  • COHSASA (The Council for Health Service Accreditation of Southern Africa), in collaboration with SOSPOSA , has delegated to SOSPOSA the accreditation of facilities/rooms/small practices where sedation services are provided. This will also follow a two year cycle.
  • Organisations and practitioners that offer sedation services, and want their services and

rooms / facilities/practices accredited, must contact SOSPOSA.

  • SOSPOSA will provide details on documentation and costs. Please contact Dr Peter Kanellos, SOSPOSA secretary for information:

Log Book

Documents required for appraisal

Appraisal of SP

Practice appraisal protocol