Why should you become a SOSPOSA member?

This is really not such a difficult question.....if you have an interest in sedation practice you need to become a member of a society who wants to give members an up to date knowledge and understanding of what sedation means. You will join one of the unique sedation societies in the world, as there are not that many!

By joining a sedation society you will not only know what is going on in South Africa, but also in the rest of the world. You will be updated on symposia, congresses, lectures, and a variety of other information that will interest and stimulate you to join us on the sedation path.

SOSPOSA was founded by Prof James Roelofse, one of the leading sedation practitioners in the world in training and writing sedation training programmes. In his capacity as the head of sedation training at the University of the Western Cape he will oversee the academic standard of the publications on the Society’s website. Prof Roelofse is also the Life Honorary President of SOSPOSA.

SOSPOSA became the 13th member of the International Federation of Dental Anesthesiology Societies (IFDAS) some years ago, an organization actively involved in pain and anxiety control. This means that we have an international network that could only be of benefit for SOSPOSA members.

SOSPOSA is privileged to be a Special Interest Group, SIG, of the South African Society of Anesthesiologists (SASA). We are really very honoured and grateful to SASA.

SASA was instrumental in publishing the guidelines on Procedural Sedation and Analgesia for adults and children in 2010. The response to those guidelines was very positive. SASA hereby acknowledged their important role in looking after the safety of sedation practice in this country.

SOSPOSA is a society for sedation practitioners run by people, sedation practitioners that understand the diversity of the challenges of sedation practice. They understand the value of training, following guidelines, and how to practice safe sedation.

SOSPOSA currently uses The Sedation Academy as the teaching forum, teaching of an international standard according to international guidelines. The web based teaching provided on this site, comes from lectures given at the quarterly University of the Western Cape weekend sedation training sessions, published articles, and also lectures given worldwide. This also forms the basis of our CPD portal.

Almost all international guidelines advise sedation practitioners that they must get CPD points in their area of expertise. SOSPOSA wants to support this concept. The CPD portal on the website will be activated soon.

SOSPOSA will in future publish academic articles, lectures, and Powerpoint® presentations on the website at www.sedationsa.co.za . A CPD questionnaire will be available for members of SOSPOSA for completion to be submitted to the secretary. This will form the basis for the allocation of your CPD points.

We want to really urge sedation practitioners to join us in making SOSPOSA a world-class sedation society. We need your input and expertise to make this an exciting sedation journey!